CCAU uses a Virtual Factory system which enables real-time management of all manufacturing activities. Our customers also have access to real-time factory information like delivery, production, quality, and reliability.

We also provide total solutions to help companies transform traditional manufacturing systems into smart factories integrated with IoT capabilities. Our portfolio of smart factory solutions includes developing automatic system lines, customizing and connecting data collection systems, building data storage centers, and developing visual interface solutions.

5 IIoT modules included in our 3rd generation of Smart Manufacturing, namely 4E1A, which capture real-time data in the production process with multiple sensors and cameras.



Smart Factory is designed and implemented to improve operating efficiency.

It helps a manufacturer in improving their business processes and reduce the downtime.

Production Process

Production Management

Production Hour Efficiency

Maintenance Management

Remote WIP Monitoring

Materials Tracking

Quality Assurance

Quality Anamnesis

Key Parameters

Performance Tracking

Equipment Performance

Equipment Exception


  • Temperature

    Keep constant temperature within desired levels
  • Humidity

    Stable air humidity
  • PM2.5

    Stable good air quality
  • CO

    Level of Carbon Monoxide
  • CO2

    Level of Carbon Dioxide
  • TVOC

    Level of Total volatile organic compounds
  • HCHO

    Level of Formaldehyde
  • Oxygen

    Level of Oxygen


Electricity Usage

24/7 Monitoring

Water Usage

24/7 Monitoring




Site Security

AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality is making industrial work more productive

AR can guide machine operators service technicians and Quality Assurance staff through the steps needed to perform a task without extensive training. Real-time and IOT data can help plant workers to quickly identify issues with a machine or process in the plant floor, or to help a service technician to better service a piece of equipment.

Telemetry for remote expert assistance enables a managers or experts in this situation room can give the instruction by text drawings or picture attachments. The process will be recorded and served as educational materials for better problem-solving efficiency.

We are a leading automation and IloT solution provider that solves your complex problems with innovative know-how, hardware and software

CCAU offers a broad range of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)


Lurking AGV · Towing AGV · Chessboard AGV · VCS

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)


CCAU offers a broad range of AGVs to transport materials and finished products across production floors, assembly lines, and warehouses.

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