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Heavy-duty Logistics

Customized Transporting Platforms

CCAU's Chessboard AGVs are 'Kiva-like' AGVs to fully automate materials handling delivery system, operated by a Vehicle Control System (VCS). It can save cost abd improve efficiency

CCAU developed a 'Kiva-like' family of Chessboard AGVs to fully automate its materials handling delivery system throughout its own factories worldwide. The cost savings are mostly derived by simply improving internal material handling efficiency with cycle times and human resources reduction by saving the efforts of transporting materials back and forth between areas and packing stations.

Compared to other types of AGV, Chessboard AGV can be controlled by not only VCS but also the integration of other management systems. This allows users to achieve a more flexible applications of the AGV.

  • Raw Material & Finished Good Warehouse

    Combines Vehicle Control System (VCS) with Warehouse Management System (WMS) to bring higher efficiency in material picking and placing, better accuracy in material quality control and less human efforts in moving.

  • Production Line

    Combines VCS with customized Manufacturing Control System to reach a higher turnover rate, deliver a more flexible manufacturing mode and achieve a better efficiency performance.

  • Two-dimensional barcode recognition to enable flexible route planning to optimize the space utilization.
  • Flexible applications for warehouse and production line.
  • Intelligent and automatic charging plan.
  • Better space utilization.
  • Accurate positioning, in-time monitoring system, intelligent charging, and highly systematized control capacities.
  • Professional development and maintenance team to assist quick deployment and future maintenance.
Model NameChessboard AGV
Dimension L830mm × W840mm × H277mm
Weight200 KG
Max. Loading Capacity600 KG
Max. SpeedEmpty capacity : 60 m/min
Full capacity : 52.2 m/min
NavigationVisual recognition + IMU
Obstacle AvoidanceLiDAR sensor
Turning RadiusR540mm
Moving DirectionForward / Backward
Climbing Capacity
Operation PeriodAutomatic charging
(with smart charging algorithm by VCS)
Battery TypeLithium
Power Supply48V / 34AH
Safety ControlLiDAR / Emergency stop button


Model Name
Chessboard AGV
L830mm × W840mm × H277mm
200 KG
⊞ Max. Loading Capacity
600 KG
Max. Speed
Empty capacity : 60 m/min
Full capacity : 52.2 m/min
Visual recognition + IMU
⨻ Obstacle Avoidance
LiDAR sensor
Turning Radius
⇅ Moving Direction
Forward / Backward
⊿ Climbing Capacity
Operation Period
Automatic charging
(with smart charging algorithm by VCS)
Battery Type
Power Supply
48V / 34AH
Safety Control
LiDAR / Emergency stop button
Vehicle Control System

CCAU developed a comprehensive Vehicle Control System (VCS) to allow users to efficiently monitor the status of all AGV implemented in their venues and adjust the parameters to accomplish their logistic task.

  • Smart vehicle traffic control
  • Efficient route planning
  • Automatic planning of charging period
Safety with LiDAR Navigation

CCAU's Chessboard AGV is equipped with a LiDAR, which can provide the function of preventing collisions with obstacles. When an obstacle in its path is detected, the VCS can dynamically re-route Chessboard to avoid deadlocks.

Precise Navigation

The IMU sensor on our chessboard AGVs measures the acceleration of three axes and angular velocity. By integrating the information, the position and orientation of the AGV are precisely calculated for localizing themselves.

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